How to choose an electric spray gun

  Content 1.    The most important thing about electric spray guns and the principles of operation 1.1. Air-type spray guns 1.2. Airless paint sprayer 2.    Main types 2.1. Manual spray guns 2.2. Painting stations 3.    Performance characteristics that is important when choosing 4.    A few words about the manufacturers 5.    Choosing an electric spray gun is easy 1. The most important thing about electric models and operating principles Painting with an electric spray gun takes place using a built-in pump under low pressure and with a significant volume of air. The paint is not completely broken by the air; rather large drops are formed, which are transferred to the object to be painted. On the one hand, the quality of the coating is inferior to the coating applied with a pneumatic spray gun. But on the other hand, there is no colorful fog, and most importantly, you have to work with a compact, easy-to-maintain and inexpensive tool. That is why it is most often used for household work

Choosing a combined welding machine

How do I choose a welding machine?   we will talk about semi-automatic machines that operate in MIG/MAG mode, and also weld metal with self-protective powder wire. We will tell you about the manufacturers, give the characteristics of the devices. You will find out which models are most popular with customers, evaluate the advantages of combined devices and decide which semi-automatic inverter to buy. How to choose an inexpensive semi-automatic machine? A novice master can easily master semi-automatic welding in a few hours and get a high-quality result. It is very easy to use the devices – see for yourself! We will tell you how to choose an inexpensive semi-automatic welding machine for work in the garage or in the country. How to choose a welding machine for body repair     car body is the element most often subject to damage in an accident. To restore the body of the vehicle, use a semi-automatic welding machine for bodywork. Classification and marking of welding machines When purch